Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh new Year 2014 :)

heyy HAPPY 2014!!!!!
I know it's too late already nak wish wish ni, memang sangat sangat late kan haha
Now already 13th of January girls!
Sorry, i'm Too busy mannn! no time to update, even my email also i have no time to checked :/ and yes i received lots of offered from other company yang sy tergedik apply last month (mengada nak try apply job baru :p) 
Act I just change my mind la, tak jadi nak tukar my job cause I just in love with my job now even sangat sangat letih everyday -__-" but for me it was so challenging cause nak kena kejar due date ni kan memang terkejar kejar semuanya haha :)
Ok fine cukup cakap pasal kerja boleh buat mengantuk haha

now let's talks pasal new year, new day, new time, new wishes, new dreams, new hope, new person and everything is NEW laa :) What i wish this year is may ALLAH panjangkan umur semua ahli keluarga ku and hope we can be together like last year. This is what i really want. Amen.. 
Act lots of thing i want to keep update but no time to typing typing and typing haha
I need to do OT today, so happy working guys! Btw
SALAM MAULIDUR RASUL, mari la kita sama sama kita memanjatkan doa dan banyakkan berzikir ye kawan kawan :)

Ok it's time to work -_-"

This is what i do when boss is not around, curi tido plsss. too tiredddd

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