Friday, July 13, 2012

back back

Ohgosssssss, bersawang dah blog sayaaa +_+
i really really busy until no time to exercise my finger
This is because 
I'm working 24/7 everydayyyy.. aiyaaa, eh eh damn over me
9.5 hours on weekdays and 6hours on weekends. No more weekends for me :'(
Because of peak period, so we need to do audit and account before the due date.
Paling lewat pun earlier August, damnnn tired woo.. Seriously.
Back home become full time house wife :p 
Yela nenek tak sihat, so kena jaga adik adik and rumah.
get well soon my granny, love u

Okeh, time to sleep now

Sunday, July 1, 2012

After a week.

After a week, now baru ada time nak update.
Dah lama tak senyum, hari ini baru dapat senyum :)

My grandmother is sick :'( But Alhamdulillah now she getting better than before, after 3days 2 night at Hospital Universiti Malaya, and today she's just discharge from Hospital. But her body not too well, need to rest more and eat medicine. Pray for my granny everyone, TQ

later will update more.............