Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2. Wishing

Today is 15th January ;)
only left one week than cuti bebeh.. can't wait please! I'm going to holiday later! can't wait can't wait. let's fly fly away from KL haha. Masa untuk release kan stress and tension bersama familia. Btw let's see this, just want to share

Act someone gave it to me and rasa lagi semangat nak kejar my cita cita eh eh eh :) To you, thank you so so much ya! And I can't wait for this coming July cause I will further my study but only part time. Saya sambung ACCA course at Sunway college subang jaya, InsyaAllah doa kan yang terbaik ye kawan kawan :)

ACCA is a Global Body for Professional Accountant. If I get this certificate and certified, InsyaAllah peluang nak jadi akauntan bertauliah lagi cerah and lagi besar rezeki. InsyaAllah mudah mudahan semuanya berjalan dengan lancar nanti. Amin. Caiyokkk to me!! "Semoga ALLAH berkati apa yang aku impikan, Amin". To others, pls remind this words "Usaha itu tanda kejayaan" this is what my dad's always remind it to me :)

p/s: to my past Thank you for support me before this, 
I do and appreciate it. 
Good to hear that you're happy with someone else. 
Good Luck to you too.

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