Sunday, June 30, 2013

Working LIFE.

Hey I'm WORKING now :)

Yes i already working at Audit firm, located at Amcorp Mall PJ
Anyone working there? let's meet haha.
Now makin busy because it was peak period for Audit firm,
All works has due date bebeh.
Everything need to kejar kejar until siap before the due date
Omg seriously my life a bit messy and stress because of i am a new staff
so everything need to do it independently wooahh.
Yela everyone busy do their works,
so the staff tak sempat nak teach me what should i do.
Then what i have done is refer to the previous file laaa
And Alhamdulillah everything going well even my brain almost Stuck tetiba.
Lot's of thing need to be complete at one time kowt.
Sampai i do 5 works sekali within 2 hours okehh.
See mana la tak stuck otak kann haha. Lucky everything is under control ;)

Actually my boss ni sangat cerewet and kuat bebel woooah, LIKE seriously everyday sure my office mate akan berkata and mengata pasal boss ;p because i am new comers so just jadi pendengar jelaaa kan. oK when talks about boss, i think i want to story and typing macam2 about her, because its not good mengata orang. So better i stop now haha :) 

Btw i get offer and interview at Petronas KLCC, should i go or not? hmmm. Need to think it carefully because my future is depends on me. Pray for me guys.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

She's back

hey i'm backkkk
such a long time i never write anything, its time for me to start it back
My favorite hobby is back, keeps bubbling and bubbling
Nowadays i am too busy with working life and part time work
Ohmyyladyy i have no time to online and typing
I wish i can write my story everyday and share it
Wait for my next pot pettt hahaha :)