Saturday, May 26, 2012

Congrat's my BFF

Today is my bestfriend engagement ceremony! She was my first of my friends i knew when i moved to Subang Jaya 14years ago. Congratulation. Omg, next was my turn bcoz almost all my BFF in Subang was married and had become engaged. My time will come soon, InsyaAllah. May ALLAH give me a good mate for me, Amin.

Btw, i am so happy for Naja my bestfriend too. She already 6months pregnant and Ayun 3months. Can't wait to see my nephew will be born soon, eh eh eh. Tetiba anak buah, anak buah angkat :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

22 May 2012

After work, terus shot to LCCT sending this two kids, haha
Will miss my two lil bro for 6days.
They go to Sabah today represents the MMU for futsal IPT league.
All the best kzul and shfq! Chaiyokk
So, shfq can't play the grand final Milo 3 sided on this Sunday, 
omg the prizes is rm10k!!! omg omg omg

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today i cooked Nasi ayam ;)

Today activity is playing tetris one day. hahaha
This weekend not going anywhere, just sat at home ;))
Almost every weekend im going out, so today is time for me to rest.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

It is already 2 months

When i was alone at the office and bored, this is what i do :) Play wordsearch non stop! when i do this, i really really concentrate until i never heard someone call me, seriously! it happens Many time already , hahaha

This is where i do the audit work everyday (except weekend hoho)
This is what happens when i do my audit work until my table crowded with company file until no space for me to put other things -___- Boss, can i request large table please! hahaha, sumpah demanding gila kann. But i feel extremely stressful when do work because sure file or pen would fall down, oh demn -___- haha Apa apa pun kerja tetap kena siapkan at due date, so far Alhamdulillah semua kerja ok and kena buat audit je now, I LOVE do AUDIT than account ^__^ thank you

Monday, May 7, 2012

Finally ;)

Omgggg, lamanya tak bertaiping and mengadap lappy!!
Seriously i am so busy busy and busy, i have no time to sit and online.
Bukan busy sebab keja je, busy dengan macam macam keja nak kena buat dekat rumah and every saturday and sunday sure keluar and ada je activity nak kena buat. 
Not just dah lama tak online, but dah lama tak topup also! haha, sejak start practical until now, tak pernah kesah pasal hp. Kadang kadang sampai lupa nak charge, bila on hp sure ada je msg n misscall, btw i am so sorry to orang yang msg n call, tak dapat nak reply and angkat ur call coz no credit and tak perasan lansung ada call :)) Maklum la bila duduk rumah ni memang tak la nak pegang hp coz BF dah ada dekat rumah kan. Oppss BF tu my dad and my lil bro ;) 
Just nak update pasal internship, nowadays busy with audit company. Habis 1 company, kena continue with others company, so non stop keja. Tak letih badan, but letih otak tengok figure yang banyak :D 

Oh ya, btw today is my BFF birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you FANA and NINA!! I LOVE YOU TOO so so much!! And Last week 1st of MAY is my lil bro nya birthday, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you KHAIZUL AKIRA, i love you forever!! Muahhhhh. XOXO semoga kesemuanya dipanjangkan umur dan murah rezeki sentiasa, amin.

Btw, GOOD LUCK to all MMUians for Final exam!! ALL THE BEST to my buddies and adik ku! ohhh adik saya dah start exam hari ini and habis hari ini juga, jangan jeles semua hahaha. For the first time rasa sangat syok sebab tak payah study for final! ngee~~ ^__^