Tuesday, April 22, 2014

21. Alhamdulillah

SOMETIMES I fell so blessed when people around me too cares about me.
Feel so glad to have all of you.

Thank you ya ALLAH for giving me new friends like them.

Even I'm a single girl, I don't felt so lonely cause I know someone is always there when I need it. Thanks to all of you, sometimes you make me smile, happy, sad, mad and moody. That's mean you're something to me, Thank you YA ALLAH for lend me a good friend like them. Do and really appreciate it.

 Sometimes we do not realize what has ALLAH do for us, ALLAH give us new friends without we expecting, ALLAH has planning something great for us. So, do not forget to keep a prayer to the Lord and always remember ALLAH no matter where you go. Alhamdulillah, thank you ya ALLAH SWT.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

20. Best Friend

I lost contact with you almost a week. I'm not sure where you go but I'm still remember u told me to contact your brother if i can't reach you but i'm scare to contact your brother cause i'm scare i will received the bad or good news about you :'(  You know what when i'm listening and recite verses from Al-Quran, especially surah Al-mulk, it's remind me about you.

Dear Kamarul Iqbal,

You are the one that always there when i need you.
You are the one that always there to make sure I'm okay when I'm sad.
You are the one that always make me smile and laugh when I'm moody.
You are the one that always guide me when I'm lost.
You are the one that always teach me how beautiful is ISLAM.
You are my advisory and my place when I'm sad, happy, angry and moody.
Thanks for being my good listener.

Thank you so much my friend cause you always there when i need you. I wish you are here.

"Ya ALLAH SWT I don't want anything, I just want YOU to protect him no matter where he go and Ya ALLAH, please keep him at the safe place". May ALLAH bless you always dear friend. I miss you :')

Thursday, April 3, 2014

19. Moody


Today is Thursday and tomorrow dah Friday thn Saturday :) I'm counting a days for my vacation on this middle of April. Holiday mode is ON, seriously so so stress lately so i need a place that can cheer me up.

Okay, this few days rasa tak ada mood lansung. I'm totally moody all the time, I felt so lost and blank, I'm not sure what is the reason behind of this feeling. Maybe pertukaran hormon ehh haha.
moody moody pun sibuk nak selfie

Not in mood to talks,
Not in mood to hold my phone,
Not in mood to reply any text from anyone and of course t'paksa reply just for my family

I seriously don't know what I'm thinking about.
Too sorry everyone cause i'm not replying ur text.

I hope > May ALLAH ease my life journey.

Ya ALLAH berikanlah aku ketenangan hatidan jauhilah perkara yang tidak baik jika bakal berlak dan lindungilah ahli keluargaku. Amen Ya Rabb