Saturday, May 12, 2012

It is already 2 months

When i was alone at the office and bored, this is what i do :) Play wordsearch non stop! when i do this, i really really concentrate until i never heard someone call me, seriously! it happens Many time already , hahaha

This is where i do the audit work everyday (except weekend hoho)
This is what happens when i do my audit work until my table crowded with company file until no space for me to put other things -___- Boss, can i request large table please! hahaha, sumpah demanding gila kann. But i feel extremely stressful when do work because sure file or pen would fall down, oh demn -___- haha Apa apa pun kerja tetap kena siapkan at due date, so far Alhamdulillah semua kerja ok and kena buat audit je now, I LOVE do AUDIT than account ^__^ thank you

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