Monday, February 6, 2012

LOVE you forever!

Just nak cakap 
THANK YOU SO MUCH to my lovely Walid and Umie
Coz datang bawa lunch for me and for my lil bro. So sweet je, rasa tadi macam berkelah dekat MMU sebab bawa macam macam tupperware and siap ada pinggan okeh, jangan main main :p Lunch yang terbaik today!! Ayam panggang with ikan masak lemak, OMG! *terasa lapar plak now. Thank you Walid and Umie, I LOVE YOU FOREVER!! thanks for coming bagi semangat to us for final exam this coming Wednesday and my lil bro on Friday. We will do our best for this final!! Muahhhhhh, hug hug you!

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walid n umie said...

thanks my lovely daughter,may allah bless you.