Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Damn Annoying

Someone tried to seduce me
Please go away
I think this is not the right time for you to tackle me
Actually i'm getting bored to have any relationship
Damn not so cool hahahaha
In my mind now, i want to fall in love with Allah, family and my bestfriend
Seriously, i'm getting bored and really make me sick to think about guys
Sometimes i don't know what is actually they want, 
I will close my heart to everyone right now
Please don't try to confess anything to me 
Especially to my ex BF yang keep disturbing me even he getting married soon 
and my ex BF friend
Seriously i hate you all la, tak larat nak melayan d.
I know ayat i nampak sangat bajet gila kannn, konon hot laa HAHAHA. 
Dah tak tahan, t'paksa wrote like this. Damn so annoying. 

Tomorrow is my first paper for final exam!! Wish me luck everyone!
All the best to me!

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