Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tiba-tiba over. haha

I tried to forget about him, but it's so hard :'(

Why suddenly i'm thinking about him

We sms each other yesterday, but its make me more T_T

No one understand me, they also not understand what i feel. They just know to force me to love someone that i really don't know even he can be my perfect guy one day or not. It's hard to find a true Love. I need more time to understand about them. I'm afraid to be hurt again and again. Please la understand my feeling. I'm feel free as a single girl. I think this year is not time for me to have any relationship with anyone. Maybe InsyaAllah, next year i try to open my heart for them. 

My heart

p/s: This entry is not for someone that i know, it is from bottom of my heart. Tak ada kena mengena sama ada hidup atau yang telah meninggal. hehehe, chill bebeh!! I just like to wrote something that what i feel right now. Itu sahaja okeh, hope tak ada sesiapa yang terasa or what. Adios

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