Friday, March 11, 2011

♥Today is, My sweetheart day♥

Oh nooo, today is 11 March 2011 bebeh!
Its my lil bro Birthday!!
Demn sad, i really miss him so so so much.
Macam la dia jauh gila², padahal busy practical dekat Penang je.
Tapi, still tak ada masa nak turun penang tengok dia, 
cuti sem pun pendek je
I miss u boboy!

*Tak ada pic dia sorang la dalam comp nih, FB dia plak dia dah deactive. so layan

Happy Birthday to U,
Happy Birthday to U,
Happy Birthday to Boboy, Happy Birthday to U!

With lots of love, this is a special wish.
Although we're miles apart.
Remember dear Boboy, u r always close in my heart
We may not be together On this very special day
Bby wish all the best for u and that it’s great in every way
Another wish special for u Is that this life brings 
Many blessings in ur future 
And a parade of wonderful things
Happy 20th Birthday Boboy!!


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