Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sorry Babe's - special for Ninak, Wanak, Mimiak, Janak & Fanak

So HAPPY coz it's time for me to HOLIDAY! yuhuuu
Setelah sekian lama b'kerja, so now it's time for me to 'besarkan badan'. haha

Btw, feel so sad this weekend because i can't meet my Bestfriend at MMU :'( 
Seriously so sad because i'm not sure when i can meet them :( 
Maybe time one of us gets marriage? perhaps. 
This Suday is my BFF convocation, after this they will never come to MMU dah
Ouhhh so damn sad, hope to meet them but what to do; i have work need to do.

Sorry guys, whatever it is "CONGRATULATIONS babe's", I LOVE U ninak, wanak n mimiak. Hope u guys can come to my convocation next year, InsyaAllah. 

Not to forget, my beloved BFF too Janak n Fanak! Sorry guys tak dapat turun cyber.
Will always love uols, from bottom of my heart. hug hug hug :'(
I Wish i can fly and meet uols and berphotogediks sama-sama. Sorry again babe's
Don't forget to upload ur pics dear!! muahhhx

This Sunday night, i going to Pahang ;)
eh eh eh Pahang? ada apa je sana kan. boooriing
But will update about it later, daa

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