Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New semester ;)

hey hey hey hey
Has started my student life back :)
So, as usual la kan pergi kelas balik kelas and study study study.
Btw, i'm not staying at hostel anymore. I'm staying at Cyberia start on 1 Nov :)
i'm sharing room with someone else. I'm not sure who is my roomate, if i not mistaken all my housemate is junior, maybe la because i never meet them yet, but i know one of my housemate.
Hopefully my roomate is sporting and cool bebeh! :)
However, the rental is not expensive like HOSTEL okeh!
Hostel MMU sangat la cekik darah! Demn mahal like staying apartment kowt
So, i decided to find another room for my 2 lil bro yang stay at hostel tuh
yela At least can save cost, my dad ask me to find one apartment at cyberia for me and lil bro stay together, coz easier for them to come melawat us and everyday can cook.
Oh yaa my house ada dapur yokkk! so i can cook cook :)
I love to cook what i want to eat. so i can eat whatever i want, nyummmyy

Lately my hormon not stabil haha. Everyday feel so stress and rasa nak marah everyone and now i think i lost my weight. Mana taknya this week pun stress with MMU. suka suki je change macam macam procedures. Demn pening okeeehh! whatsoever la MMU kan.

Ohhh kita RAYA lg dong. This Friday is 'HARI RAYA AIDILADHA', tak buat kuih raya lagiii ni..
Okey la, bubbling non stop dah ni, it's time to going back home, just finished my class just now. bye adiosss

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