Sunday, October 21, 2012


Happy Sunday :)

okey today kita talk about L.O.V.E okeh ;p aww *tetiba gediks kan haha Act, lately my dad keep asking me about new BF, hohoho. siapakah siapakah? To tell the truth is i am Single and Available. No one is special in my heart right now. This is not because i frustrated with my past love, for me my past is my experience :) I am so glad meet all my ex ex ex ex before this hahaha. *over je EX byk2. Because of them, i know what is meaning of Love and In relationship. For me, what's past is past. No need to looking back, we need to keep forward.

What i can say is; when u r in relationship, just take it easy, no need to love he/she 100% because ur love is doesn't mean 100% for him/her and not sure yet whether he/she will be ur partner in the future. Bak kata pepatah "Kalau ada jodoh tak kemana". So jangan nak bercinta bagai nak rak sangat hahaha. If break, yang merana kita juga kan ;)

For me, my journey has just begun. Focus on study and work first for my future. Then will think about marriage. I still have big mission and vision ;) My responsibility to family is not over yet and there is a mission that i need to pursue. That's why i still not yet married this year, because ALLAH already set when i will get married. I think, if i get married soon, my responsibility towards my family sure will become harder and limited *maklum la dah isteri orang kan. So, this is my honeymoon time with my family and being single and cool everyday! Can do anything what i love to do ;)

Since i single this year, ada juga a few guys 'nak masuk line' hahaha but i have no time to think about fall in love again. I need time to think for being in relationship :) maybe when i start working later, then will search the right man at google hahahaha. Like what i said earlier, after my big mission and vision accomplished. InsyaAllah.

But i will not stop Doa to ALLAH S.W.T to found the right mate for my future. Amin. Whatever it is Love is complicated kann? haha. If i get married soon, will do announcement here hoho. Pray for success guys :) haha. Orang kata jodoh kita tak tahu bila, tapi kena la cari juga kan. InsyaAllah after my big mission selesai. Aminn

p/s: btw semalam friendly futsal M'sia 3 - 4 Guatemala.
will update the pic later ;)

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