Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hei hei hei, HAPPY SATURDAY!!
see, pagi pagi dah buat muka toya. haha. macam adik selalu cakap "ni muka minta penampar ke?" yes yes yes lama tak kena penampar ni. HAHA. *ignore it

BTW, saya dah habis do part time work at Emkay Tang & Co :) ALHAMDULILLAH semuanya b'jalan dengan lancar and ending with HAPPY mood. A big thank you to my bosses yang sporting and cool. Before habis working, my boss belanja me at papa rich, memang makan habis habisan la kan :) then has been invited to continue again n again later. InsyaAllah next year.
 Cute mug from office mate! thank u ;)
wooow, money money from boss. Thank uuuuuu boss ;) mahsyuk. 

So, will continue my study back on this October. Im hoping for something, may my dreams come true. Btw, now i tengah thinking of about business. yeahh, memang dah ada family business, i try to expand it. Looking forward! So, start november and next year i will be busy women :p What ever it is, saya sangat BERSYUKUR and thanks ALLAH SWT. Amin. may this business become more successful, InsyaAllah. 

*can't wait for tomorrow! date date date with BFF

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