Sunday, June 10, 2012

June sudah

Holaaaa ;) Lama xexcercise jari, how are u everyone? Btw today is my first day working on Saturday, half day yaw. From 9am until 1pm. Damn tired weiii, rasa dah lama tak tido puas2. Everyday 7.30 need to wake up even on Saturday and Sunday. For me if dah biasa bangun awal, on weekend also sure wake up early like weekdays, what to do kan. Ohh sudah nak masuk bulan RAmadhannn, cepatnyaaaaa masa b'lalukan. Btw, I am so speechless today! Whatt whatt hahaha. My 2 lil bro going to Sarawak for 3rd sirkit IPT league, u know what? MMU won 32 goals against Kolej ITA at sarawak, they just score 2 goals only. Seriously I can't believe it when he msg they won against Kolej ITA with 32goals, first time in my life I heard this result. In 40minutes game they can score 32goals, hmmmm I have no idea how Kolej ITA play, maybe Kaki bangku kowt haha. Btw congrats MMU!! Sure masuk paper lagi, so gudluck for semi final game tomorrow!! Hope uolls Champion lagi ;) take care my lil bro. Time to sleep nite, ohh ya i just sign up instagram and gifboom :D okey i know i am so lame haha. U can add me or search my name Khaizatul or bebi1610 ;)

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