Saturday, June 16, 2012

BF kesayangan ;)

wuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuu esok keja, t'paksa buat buat Happy -_______- Oh this weekend is not cool.  aiihh Memang tak dapat nak elak and ponteng keja coz nak kena siapkan buat account by next week, luckily still tinggal sikit je lagi ;) U know what, dah 1months and the half buat account company nih. Bukan main ramai creditor diaaaaa, nak kena check invois tuhh yang penat, jenuh mencari and menaip. sabo ajelah yer yoob :D 

Omaigod 2.00 am oledi wooo.. but i can't sleep aihhh. Wahai adik adik ku, balik cepat... damn lonely now without them!
Seriously i can't live without them, they are so important in my life after my Daddy and my Mummy. When they are not around, i feel like something missing in my body, they are part of my heart. I love them so so much. Our relationship is very very very close. We share happiness, sadness and slept together ;) every night sure chit chat non stop, haha. Maklum la, adik ramai kan so macam macam cite ada, sampai kena ikut turn if nak cerita haha. Now at home, only left me and shamil :'/ Yang paling kesian adik bongsu ku, damn loser gila dia dekat rumah, sangat sangat lonely. I only can accompany him at night after back from work, tu pun selalu Merajuk coz sometimes tak dapat nak layan dia coz im too tired '_' Sorry my mok mok, whatever it is I always love all ;) 

Oh ya, i'm just back from UIA malam tadi, i became pom pom girl for my lil bro Khaizul! I really proud of him because now his dreams come true, cause he was selected to participate in Futsal IPT Malaysia ;) Congrat's. Hope u will become pro futsal player one day, but study jangan abaikan okeh ;) I will always support u! That's why la di mana mana ada tournament, i sure be there and always there to support them. u know what, we not seeing each other almost a week, so tadi baru dapat jumpa and he looks so happy cause we came and support him (senyum sampai ke telinga ekauu). Two days ago he msg me " Miss you all so much, how r u? camp was fun, haha basuh baju sendiri.Goodnight love",see how kuat our instinct ceewaah :D Kata adik beradik kan, memang time dia msg tengah teringat dia and suddenly he miss me too. Btw all the best for u and may u succeed in life. Amin.
Actually he joined SUKMALINDO (sukan malaysia-indonesia) IPT, ada 4 game between M'sia and Indon; Hockey, Badminton, Volleyball and Futsal. So, just now futsal is the last game tadi. But sempat juga la tengok Volleyball, m'sia kalah :'( tadi futsal Malaysia (1) - Indonesia (2), even kalah they should proud cause semua players indon tu taraf player international, semua pemain wakil Indonesia bukan wakil IPT ish ish, team M'sia IPT td only one player M'sia, tu pun still dapat 1-2 je. Syabas inspector sahabbb HAHA. ok la, nite nite.
p/s: if ada error tuh sorry, 
dah malas nak baca balik and betul kan, 
now baru rasa sleepy. nite everyone ;)

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