Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Dear ESY,
Hola, its already five days we not meet each other :)
Hope u are in good condition at ur hometown and happy with ur family
I know, this few days; u r so busy to settle up a lot of things before u started ur work. Don't be too stress ok
And i know also, u r so excited to start ur new work with ur new life, i will pray for ur success n future.
May what u hope and wish comes true, Amin.
GOOD LUCK my dear!!!!

Btw, i am so sorry coz this few days i make a lot of mistakes on u and make u stress, sorry again. I will try my best to make u smile everyday, even though we r far away :)  Just thinking, what will happen next and future. May ALLAH give me better life than last year and more cheerful this year. I really hope something WOW will happen in my life and people around me will make me happy and smile everyday. Amin.

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