Sunday, January 1, 2012

New year, New Life for me, New Life for Him

Alhamdulillah umur ku masih dipanjangkan untuk melihat dunia dan bersyukur masih dapat bersama sama keluarga tercinta!! I love u my walid, umie, mok, kaklong, krul, kree, boy, kzul, fiq and mil!!! They are my life, without them i'm nothing and empty in this world. My azam for this new year 2012 is, I will make my family proud with me and jaga u all sampai mati. Muaaahhhhh

Btw, i would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to my dear yao yao. Seriously, i am so happy when he calling me and said he get that job (terasa macam nak lompat lompat hahah). Honestly i cry, suddenly my tears drop non stop when i know he get that job; i cried because of happy and sad. Happy sebab he get apa yang dia idamkan and harapkan before this, but sad because of he will be far from me. I admit its hard for me to face all this things suddenly, yela everyday dekat MMU bersama and he jaga my adik also, then suddenly he kena quit mmu and stay at Cheras :'( sad juga even tak ada la jauh mana Cheras tu kan. Maybe ni lah permulaan our relationship, two of us kena la saling memahami and percaya each other. Tapikannnn, saya sangat FOBIA dengan ini. saya takut T_T pengalaman yang membuatkan i feel like this. Hope tak jadi macam sebelum ni and he will never forget me even kite jauh. Lagipun i dah dapat rasa yang he will far far away from me, and now semua tu dah berlaku. Tapi hope we can meet each other every weekend ya ;)

Oh noooo, i need to habiskan sisa sisa dekat MMU without him anymore. Kena buat keja sendiri, makan pun kena ingat sendiri, pergi mana mana pun sendiri, main badminton pun sendiri, pergi meeting kena sendiri, study for final pun sendiri d, ohgoss! who gonna help me and accompany me, if i tengah busy, who will help my brother; selalu dia yang teman n help him, now i kena buat everything sendiri and back to normal life masa i don't know him dulu. Sure i will terasa semua tu huhu. Yela selalu turun hostel, sure nampak dia tunggu me :'( if tengah marah and tension, dia la tempat i lepaskan and dia juga tempat yang dengar everything i merungut huhuhuhu. Luckily laa i pun nak intern dah, so maybe tak ada la sad duduk hostel sangat. Haiyaaa, susah juga kan if feel macam ni. 

So after this i need to be more understanding, especially his situation bila dia dah start keja 16 Januari 2012 ni and he will studying part time at UPM, maybe on march kot. Dia dah duduk cheras nanti and susah sikit la nak jumpa before dia dapat kereta sendiri nanti, maybe on January ni tak dapat meet him sangat. So, i only can meet him and spent time with him only on this tuesday, wednesday and thrusday. On friday, his going back to Penang until one day before he start working and then he holiday again for Chinese New Year T_T we can't meet each other lagi until he habis holiday. I wish u Happy advanced Chinese New Year my dear, may u happy always disamping ur family ya!! 

 Gonna miss every minutes like this with you

Dear love,
I hope u can manage urself at new job, new place and new environment without me, be matured ok after this and taking care of urself ok!!! Sorry i can't be with u if u need me and i can't accompany u if u hungry. Eat a lots ya dear and don't be so naughty ok!! Remember me always tau and keep messaging me, calling me and skyping me tau tau tau! I will always become ur supporter and any probs just tell me directly, jangan simpan simpan dalam hati; hope we can find the solutions together gether ok. Just remember one thing, i will always in ur heart :)) ILY and IMY!!!


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alahai sweet, sabar ye