Thursday, December 29, 2011


Conflict again and again
Standard la, siapa yang bercinta tak pernah ada conflict kan
Dugaan always come and go, only us need to learn and know how to handle it
But Alhamdulillah everything going well, just ada salah faham sikit
The only thing we should do is keep doa and doa, semoga ALLAH berkati our relationship, amin

Btw, 2012 is coming!! 2 days to go, ohgoss cepatnya masa berlalu
New mission for next 2012, kena buat list ni for azam 2012 :)
Just hope something better and better for the next next day and the most important thing is; Semoga ALLAH panjangkan umur ku, keluargaku, sedara mara ku, rakan rakan ku dan orang tersayang, AMIN. 

p/s: rasa dah lama tak dating dengan BFF and BF :)

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