Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Road Trip ;)

As you know, i'm going trip to Johor Bharu and Singapore.
Actually i going there under YCDP event, caunselling unit of MMU Cyberjaya would like to visit caunselling unit UTM skudai and National University of Singapore (NUS). I'm not sure the main of objective this trip, hahahaha. But, from this trip, MMU can learn more about environment at differences university. It's a lot of different from MMU. But, i just want to say that NUS is the best University and gempak giler okeh! If i at NUS, i think i won't not going back home, haha. The environment is so superb and awesome! Let's check it out our pic ;)
At UTM skudai, johor
 This is relaxing room. Only UTM Skudai has this room 
and provide this services to their students
 We are so luckly can enter this room, it's a nice room and seriously u will feel so sleepy when u enter in this room and u will feel like, 
" i want my room like this room" haha

Memory pic at UTM Skudai before went to JB
 It's time for having fun at JB
 We are staying one night at UTM hostel.
Friday morning, we went to Singapore and direct to NUS.
NUS - Student Service Center and Career Center (sory, so lazy to rotate the pic ;p)
Having talks in the meeting room, 
En.Bakthiar are sharing about Caunselling unit at MMU Cyberjaya.
Office of Student Affair. If STAD MMU like NUS, for sure everyday i will meet En.Omar, haha
the environment at NUS town
This is NUS Hostel, omg seriously  like Hotel okeh. damn awesome! MMU pls upgrade ur hostel like them T_T. NUS town is the last place we visited in their campus.
After that, we going to Arab street and Orchard road.
Tired face! 
seriously so damn tired coz we only have one day at singapore 
and going there and here in the limit times.

Damn cool right? hope caunselling unit will do the next trip!HAHA
and MMU will upgrade more and more like others universities and will become more MULTIMEDIA
btw, i Really have fun with them and i meet a new friends ;)
okeyh laaa Adios

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