Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tak mampu nak senyum lagi

Really tired and feel weak right now!
My pain really want to kill me!!
Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh seyes sakit nak mampossssss

4 hours at hospital just now
Waiting like dying
So so many people at hospital today
I get 2 days MC for today and tomorrow
So now, i feel so sleepy 
I can't slept yesterday because of this pain.
I already put the medicine and eat pain killer tablet 
I feel so worried because 
I have no idea, when i should start study
for my midterm test next week
Damn! this sick really tested my faith.
Hopefully i'm getting well tomorrow
bye bye ;((


Anonymous said...

u take care oke


niena said...

balik usj kah?

onethebomb! said...

xxx..sbb exm nye psl,so jd nk blk nk kena stdy...hohoho..