Wednesday, June 18, 2014

30. World Cup 2014

WORLD CUP 2014!!
oK anda sokong negara mana??
As usual my team is GERMANY yaw
Okay this is my favorite after my ex bf dah bersara! eh over! 
No matter what still support this team! Go go German!
My favorite player pun ada dalam ni Ozil and Muller. 
Others than that I like Neymar too! But he's in Brazil :)
Hope German will win this year World Cup! 
Oh ya they win first game hari tu against Portugal, unexpected juga
I though Portugal will win that game cause ada Ronaldo *sayatakminatdia
Itulah orang kata bola itu bulat kan.
Ok jangan tido lewat just to watched the game, tengok ulangan sudah :)

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