Thursday, June 5, 2014

27. Not my day

Today 7th Syaaban.

Cepat je masa berlalu, we almost meet Ramadhan.

In a few days, I'm not in a good mood. Can't stop thinking about my family, especially my Walid health. Sometimes I think too much until my brain almost overload.

This month is my busy day at work, now is my peak period!! and dateline is around the corner. Everything has to be done quickly and in the timely manner. I am quite messy and can not think properly cause need to do everything in perfect and timely.. Until I am too busy and too lazy to entertain anyone. 

My life now is just work work work and after work sleep sleep sleep, sometimes I do not have time to hold and checked my phone and what I do after work just wasted all my time with my family. I am now 24/7 busy now, maybe until the end of August. Ohmyyy i just need a break.... 

Btw, HAPPY WORKING guys! Have a great day. To my friend, i am so sorry.

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