Friday, November 1, 2013

Getting bigger!

Morning guyssss! Rise & Shine pretty ladies. 

8 am I already in the office, today no traffic jammed ;) 
maybe ramai dah balik hometown for Deepavali holiday. 
So the road is so smoothly. *ayt keling

Can you see my BIG TITLE there. It's ME getting bigger! and yesss me me me. I think I semakin mengembang :| (cry in the riverrr yeyy) Yesterday timbang and guess what my weight now IS 52.5KG! ohaammgyyy. Dah naik 1.5kg dalam masa 2 weeks je. yenaadeyyy wannn, I need to start diet back *omgoss againnnn :( I am to lazyyy plss.I love FOODS and my hobby is EAT, how could I stop all of this. No matter what i have too and guess what this morning I breakfast with 1 kotak dutch lady and FRUITS! okeh ini poyo haha. Oh yaa, I jumpa this quotes
Ni buat semangat terima seadanyaa haha. So no more diet for me laa if like that. Demnn tak ada plak jumpa kata kata semangat for DIET hahaha. Okk guyss adioss! HAPPY FLYDAYYYY yahuuu esok cuti. HAPPY WORKING bebeh! daadaaaa...

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