Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh 1 December

Salam Saturday!
ohgoiiid lamanya tak taip, okey today malas nak taip. 
Post apa yang dah ter-pospone hari tu, ohh demn lamanya psl cite ni. layann

Just wanna share my arts :)
Inilah Zaiza Afiqah :)
The hantaran, i deco and tacap apa yang patut
My decoration of Pelamin :p *errkk
This is my shoot at Penang hari tu, tak secantik macam professional careman pung. I am just a beginner camerawoman haha. Whatever it is, she's really satisfied with my shoot and arts work. Itu yang paling penting. Thank u Fiqoh n congrats again.
Btw, now tengah busy with working and study, no time to online and update. If free i will update about my working place ;) Adiosssss, Have a nice weekend! 

Bye bye NOVEMBER, HYE DECEMBER! one month to go ---> 2013 :(

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