Saturday, October 20, 2012

Playful Kiss

Who has watched this series?? 
Suddenly tertekan 8TV just now and guess whattt? i saw this korean series! omg omg
I love this movie! sangat best! anyone who does not watch this series yet, pls watch it ;)
Seriously best, got funny, happy, lovely and also sadness parts. Ok la not bad and boring to watch.
Oh ya, this is Playful Kiss movie. *oppss xde aksi yang 18sx sgt yer
Act, this is old movie. 
If i not mistaken, i watched this series two years ago.
So, sesiapa yang minat korea sure dah tengok and yang tak tengok lagi, let's watch ;)
Time to sleep ^_^ Annyounggggg everyone.


hazanis said...

best cite ni..<3

onethebomb! said...

kan anis! best sgt :) awk suka korea jg ye?