Saturday, September 15, 2012


From the post title, can u imagine how fobia i am. ahhaha *over
FOBIA sampai ketaq 1 badan nih aihh. haha
Actually, something scary happened this morning.
*ouh its my lazy day to working  
ok Just make it short la, someone has follow me from
Supermarket in Subang Square Mall to 7eleven and until in front of Subang Square lift.
*Terbantut nak breakfast nasi lemak kukus tadi, damn
Seeeeeee, scaryyy kann? memang time tu jantung degup laju je haha
Luckily ramai orang, boleh dia ajak makan and kejar smpai depan lift,
And now, i ANTI with TNB WORKERS because
of that guy is TNB staff. *sorry to say ye
I'm PHOBIA back,
many times already happens towards me before this. 
Kalau nak story, memang lotih nak taip
sebab banyak ADEGAN yang mencemaskan hahaha
BUT only one words i want to say is
ALHAMDULILLAH and SYUKUR nothing bad happens on me. 
So girls please be careful and be tough enough haha
because senang to fight with felon!So go and learn Taekwando :)
btw Let's sing this song! OST for today. haha. Trauma by Elite.  

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