Sunday, June 24, 2012

24 June 2012

Not so well today :'| 
Btw i'm so happy because 

Menang lawan France! Eventho tengok kejap je coz tak larat, bangun pagi on hp terus check result! then i saw SPAIN (2) vs FRANCE (0), happy. Omg, spain will meet PORTUGAL, haiyaa.. Btw, my favorite country all in semi Final, Portugal, Spain and Germany. England? maybe! waahh. 

Tonight -  UPG Appreciation Dinner. Theme is EURO 2012, haihhhh i want Spain jersey pls! But i only have France jersey, so just wear laa. No time to find it. Btw, i am so sorry to UPG teams! because i can't make it today and help uolls. so so sorry :'(

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