Sunday, April 8, 2012


Not much time to update!
Soon will update more more story yaaa ;)
Btw, i'm at MMU, busying doing Reports and Weekly minutes meeting
But Alhamdulillah my part is done aledi looo..
Yesterday slept at 5 am doing the reports and wake up this morning at 8 am to edit back
And now, i already pack bag to going back subang. Eh tak balik subang terus, i'm going to Cheras for Wedding ceremony and to Keramat central mart for watch my brother playing futsal and to Taman Keramat visiting my relative.
A big thank you to Suraya coz let me stay one night at her room and to Wanak and Mimiak coz lend me a shower gel, shampoo and colgate. hahaha.. Bye bye, see u all next week. InsyaAllah. Adios MMU ;)

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