Monday, February 13, 2012

oh AA.

Seriously i LOVE to see guys playing futsal!!
This is damn true! Especially if my lil bro or my bf playing futsal
100% i will support them and become a pom pom girl! hahaha
U know what, i fall in love with someone; everyday i stalk him hoho :D
I love to see this guy playing futsal!omg, he really make me melt
Dah la pro, seriously like waaaaaaaaaoooo
We have meet each other banyak kali at tempat futsal ;)
He is so cool when playing futsal, dah la famous, aihhhh haha
Better i stop here, sebelum merepek banyak hahaha 
Btw, good luck to my lil bro for ur tournament futsal this week at Jakarta! Chaiyokk

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