Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You took my heart Away

Ohh you took my heart away, hehe.
I just want to wish Happy 2nd months Anniversary
This song is for you
Awww so sweet kan i? hahahhahaha, yes i know :p
Tak sempat nak prepare apa apa, just karaoke this song ye

If kisses were water I would give u the sea,
If hugs were the leaves I would give u a tree,
but if love was time, I would give u eternity.
Thanks for loving me ya! Chinta you, xoxoxo
*dont cry k :p hahaha

Wan Khaizatul =)


Anonymous said...

i love u sayang...now only 2 month hope we can have 2 years and 20 years ok!!! love u forever and i will change and improve myself to a better guy ok.... u are the one who changed me a lot!! love u again!! sorry tak de credit nak msg u.... huhu dah kul 12 tak leh reload dah... anyway~ ape yang berlaku pun... ingat je 3 perkataan ni... I LOVE U... ni lah yang akan ikat we all sampai we kahwin and ade anak... ok?? muahhhhhhhhhhh!

onethebomb! said...

awwwww... siap buat karangan lagi nih. btw thank you so much. InsyaAllah, amin.. siap kahwin ada anak ye?hahaha.. lawak je.. tq dear, me too will be someone better fr u.