Friday, September 16, 2011

Oh my, i wanna be a Princess

How do you feel when someone want to treat you like a Princess?
Of course laaa u will feel so happy kan! 
Sapa yang tak nak when someone nak treat you like a Princess
Anything you want and wish sure you will get kan
But, i think, im not deserving to be treated like this
This is because, 
i think im not a perfect girl and a special girl that can make them happy
I am just an ordinary girl
But i will try to make them happy and be their Princess
InsyaAllah, one day ;)
Apa apa pun, Thank You so much

Btw, let's start countdown for FINAL EXAM!! Only left 3days more. Gudluck gudluck everyone. Btw, so so sorry to Nikko, Ninang, Wanak, Mimiak and Masum because i can't join u all pergi date tadi. So sorry, apa apa pun see uolls next sem okeh! Love uolls laah!! Have a safe journey yer Ninak, Wanak and Mimiak! Byeee

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