Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lots Of Love

Hola hola hola!!!
I'm back bebeh! Sekian lama menyepi, so now im back! hahaha. bajet macam tinggal kan blog 1year ago je ;p Saja je nak meng-over lebih, ngee~ Final is done! so, now just keep praying to ALLAH semoga result ku dapat yang terbaik and the bomb! LOL. LOL means Laughing Out Loud yer, bukan Lots Of Love okeh.HAHA. Serius nak gelak bila baca pic msg pasal mak msg anak tuh. korang kena baca and tengok, sangat kelakar okeh. Meh cini tengok if sapa sapa tak tengok lagi. 
From serious msg, terus feel like nak laughing out loud kan. Omg why la her/his Mom so confident! aiyaaa.. what so ever la kan. Saya dah start HOLIDAY!!yeayyy,BUT my semester break is full of agenda okeh.. 8 oct until 11 oct got convofest event at MMU, then 13Oct to 14Oct; going to Singapore for Youth Career Development Program (YCDP) event. Than, 15Oct i have shooting video for Accounting Student Conference (ASC) event and 16Oct i already be booked by Noob for? i also don't know, he ask me to make my self free on that day and my friend invite me to her bf house for doa selamat. Not sure which place should i go on 16Oct. Aiyaaa, so what should i do. No rest for this coming October. Oh yaa, my big day also on 16Oct, jeng jeng! Im getting old and old bebeh, Oh demn! hihi..Tak apa, yang penting maintain Sweet 18th HAHAHAHA. *okeh sumpah perasan gilaa.. oOoOh I am so sleepy right now, nak tido but my stomach still full woo.. Just now belasah 1box regular pizza!OMG, for the fist time makan habis 1box, selalunya makan 3pieces je kowt. Haiyaa my appetite makin melampau nih, Oh, i am so fatty girl!Oh tidakkk!! Need to diet back. okey laaaaaaa, Adios.. 

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