Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Final Exam is around the corner weiii.
Damn, i'm so nervous okeh!
Hopefully i do well for my final and get what i target for this sem, Insyaallah
Tsk tsk, i'm suppose to register subjects yesterday but i can't register yet because of assessment and i be barred from finance. Btw, thank you MMU because my AA abruptly change without inform me, cewaaaahh HAHA. Oh, i'm lovin it, huhu. My friend told me, the subjects that i should register for next sem already full capacity!! Ohgoss, why la MMU so kedekut to open more capacity for us. Kemon la, we paid for it okeh, every year FOM offer subjects like !@$%^&. Seriously i hate it. like Public Sector subject, already 5 sem FOM not offered, then when that subejct offer for next sem, they just open for 30 capacity only. Baik tak payah offer. I really like to stay at MMU until i getting marriage. Thanks yaw! I only left 4 subjects. But next sem only offered 3 from it. Should i wait another subjects next year? oh demmit, how about my internship? Can i take internship with that subject? sure cannot right? Maybe i will take that subject after i finish my intern and maybe i already work on that time. Its ok la, what to do right. Even i finish my intern, i still can't Grad next year coz my intern is 6 months bebeh, so heaven! Whateva it is, i will try my best to do something better for my life and future. InsyaAllah, Amin ;)

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