Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Saya nak derma Air mata nih... haha

I'm feeling sad today
T'kenang kenangan b'sama si Dia (cewah)
Walaupun tak banyak kenangan manis
But, its hard to forget everything
Maybe, Allah try to test us, 
How strong are we, i'll try to be strong as well i can
Allah is always wif me, 
prays is a better way for me to release all the moody mood and tension
Now, its time for me to focus on study
Try to ignore about love, pretend to be strong and become a new persons
InsyaAllah, every problems have their own solutions 
and i'll try to forget everything
I need to be more independent onwards 
oh yeahhh, be strong Wan Khaizatul Izwa Binti Wan Nilam

Can't wait to going home this week, home is a better place for me to cheer up my self. Miss all my younger brothers, my umie and my nanny♥♥ Tapiiiii, sapa nak ambil aku dis week!!! Ayoyo. .Perlu ke balik naik bus? oh nehi, long time tak balik naik bus. Rasa dah kekok plak, sumpah belagak. hahaha. Walid, please balik M'sia cepatan!! gue udah kangen and enggak mau duduk cyber :( !!! Hope Krul can pick up me this thursday.



Anonymous said...

i kan ada,so don't la sad

onethebomb! said...

haha..TQ. tak sad dah ;)
sila tgglkn no hp ye..hahaha