Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yes i'm too tired today,
Not enough sleep,
Not enough time to study,
Today is my worst day!!
2 paper today, ohmygoss wth laaaaaa
Why laaa, lecturers MMu really want kill us
FOM oso, Final exam schedule for this sem so suck okeyh
Tommorow my last Final Exam! but i feel so damn lazy to study and study
My eyes getting close and close, Taxation 2 please behave tomoro ok
Hopefully i can answer for my last paper and my last hope
Please pray for me my ♥ Family, my ♥, my be-♥ friends ;)

Last Exam:
01/10/10 - TAXATION 2
9am until 12pm



Anonymous said...

pity U

onethebomb! said...

tula...cian kn :P