Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heading to the Ground!!

Entry apa yang aku nak merepek nih kan
haha Actually, the title is about one korean drama nih!
I thought tak best, but when watched episodes 1 & 2,
I feel like fall in love plak with the hero characters
and the heroin is so cute
Hero dia not so bad laa, sometimes looks cute
and sometimes looks messy
But i loike this drama!! tadaaa ni cover album cite nih haha

Mau story sikit pasal cite nih,
This drama is about football,
Mentang mentang la tengah FIFA kan sekarang.
Okeh, Actually this drama is about the hero trying to achieve what is thought to be impossible, fulfilling his dreams of being a great soccer player. Cha Bong Gun (the heroes name in this drama ) a soccer player with great potential, wants to become a member of the national soccer team. As he works towards his goal, he meets Kang Hae Bin the heroin, an attractive and independent rookie sports agent who ends up bickering with him all the time. Want more details about this drama, just watch it okeh! ;)) only have 16 episodes je. Sila lah download at u-torrent okeh for MMu students ;)

Here is a detail about them in this drama:

today still fasting, but fasting sunat for bulan Rejab
kalau puasa nih sure pening nak fikirkan makanan
aiyoooo Buyut nak makan apa hari niiiih??
dah tak ada ideaaaa

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